Futuristic T-shirts!

Electric Cable Print T-Shirt


Stab proof T-shirts

The increasingly immense crime waves all around the world have inspired so many people to take serious measures to protect themselves and others.

One of which is an inspirational T-shirt created by a Japanese uniform manufacturer named (Nihon Uni). The manufacturer has created a T-shirt that supposedly provides a form of stab protection.

The T-shirt is made of polyethylene fiber, which is apparently an equivalent to aramid fiber used in body armors. Plus, it’s machine-washable.

The T-shirt designer assures that the design offers superior shield from violent stabs and attacks, nonetheless its mesh fabric can be punctured by a sharp point.


Self-Cleaning T-Shirt


T-shirts are by far the most comfortable and wearable pieces all around the globe, yet, cleaning your favorite T-shirt might be time consuming, so here comes some good news….

Chemical engineers declared they have developed a cotton fabric that cleans and perfumes itself, only with the presence of sunlight to motivate the action.

Two chines researchers Mingce Long and Deyong Wu industrialized the fabric using the chemical titanium dioxide(TiO2),  which is a popular dye used in a variety of products, such as sunscreens and makeup. The chemical has proven to be effective while being used in household cleaning products, such as self-cleaning tile sprays.


Long story short, TiO2 is known to exhibit photocatalytic properties  in the presence of ultraviolet light, along with other ions. A fabric was covered with nano particles made from this new chemical, that self-cleans in the presence of a very broad spectrum of light, and if the sunlight doesn’t remove the stain off your shirt, you can reportedly still wash your clothes with soap and water without diluting the nanoparticle coating.


Internet-connected LED T-shirt

T-shirts are generally worn to express your style, share an opinion, and spread messages. With the speeding technological advances, T-shirt designs had to be altered to align with this unstoppable change. The TshirtOS model is seemingly the first commercially programmable, Internet-connected T-shirt.

The shirt an integrated LED display, microphone, speaker, and accelerometer. The interesting part is being able to control the T-shirt via your smartphone, which obviously enables the Internet connection.


Checkout the below video for a better insight about the TshirtOS.