Tips on how to wear your T-shirt

 As simple as it may seem, wearing a T-shirt in a proper and a stylish manner is not as easy as it sounds, you need to pay attention to several aspects while buying and wearing the various T-shirt styles. Below are some of those aspects and crucial points:


     The right fit

The T-shirt has to fit perfectly on the edges of your shoulders, the sleeves should not extend to the elbows. The shirt should also follow the curves of your body, where it is not too tight, nor too loose. Concerning the length of your top, it should extend past the hipbone, covering the waistband of the pants or the skirt.


     The right color

Everyone should possess at least a few of the basics T-shirt colors, white, black, and navy, as they complement a wide range of skin tones, in addition to being easily matched with various bottom pieces and accessories.

T-shirts are perhaps the easiest way to tryout with a wide range of colors and shades. Make sure the chosen color of the T-shirt matches and brightens your skin tone.


     The right fabric  

Cotton made T-shirts are probably the best choice of fabric, as they look thin, feel light and comfy, and mostly last long.

Cotton blends are also good options. Several types of fabrics are used to manufacture T-shirts such as, Jersey, Rayon and Polyester, you can choose the ones which better suit your skin type, while providing comfort. After all, comfort is the reason we all love wearing T-shirts.


     Attention to the Collar/Neckline

The main two types of collars are Crew and V-neck, wearing either of those types depends on the style you are looking for, the event you are about to attend, but mostly, your choice has to match your face and body proportions.

Crew necks are suitable for individuals with a small chest or slanted shoulders. As they create the delusion of broader shoulders, providing the body with a better proportional ratio.

As for the V-necks, they are perfect for shorter individuals, as they create an illusion of length and height, elongating the neck.

Concerning the other numerous types of collars/Necklines, deep V-neck, scoop neck and the boat neck, once you wear them, make sure they bring out the best in you and your body proportions.